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We at Fonds Kirchberg would like to improve the wayfinding and information signage for pedestrians and cyclists in Kirchberg.

We therefore would very much appreciate your help to identify the problems or shortcomings regarding signage and information. Please tell us about the issues you might have encountered while visiting Kirchberg.

This questionnaire will take very little of your time and will be anonymous.
Thank you in advance for your help, FONDS KIRCHBERG

Interactive map to locate & identify orientation / signage shortcomings

Pinpoint the problem location on the map above
Please comment the issue / explain the problem

Apart from traffic or transport delays, which problem did you encounter? Orientation, overall overview, sense of distance to destination, street names, transport information, building specific locations, accessibility, cultural & leisure offers …etc

Tell us more about your Visit

Reason to visit Kirchberg

Frequency of visits to Kirchberg

Type of transport used to get here ( more options possible)

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Age group

Where are you from?

Thank you for your completing this survey.

If you wish to share more wayfinding issues with us, please fill in a